North Wales Horse Watch

Gogledd cymru gwarchod ceffylau

Charity No:  1192124


how it all started...




North Wales Horse Watch is a charitable organisation that relies on donations and funding to achieve its goals of helping the equine and rural communities with crime and equine issues. They believe in educating the community about rural crime issues, legislation, welfare, and safety through workshops at various events and organisations. Horse Watch collaborates with organisations such as the RSPCA, World Horse Welfare, Police forces, and local authorities to tackle welfare and crime issues. It was established in 2010 by Helen Lacey and PCSO Phil Jones after Helen became a victim of rural crime. Although Phil has passed away, Horse Watch continues the work they both started.


North Wales Horse Watch was launched on social media in 2010 and now has over 7000 members. It provides peace of mind to horse owners by offering theft deterrent measures. Testimonials from horse owners highlight the effectiveness of the scheme in securing horses and tack. The organisation also helps with various issues such as flood warnings and provides support and advice to horse owners.


The collaborative approach of Horse Watch with other welfare organisations, such as World Horse Welfare, helps improve the lives of equines in North Wales. Their initiatives have played a significant role in reducing equine-related crimes in the region.


Overall, North Wales Horse Watch is a proactive watch scheme that offers support, advice, and security measures to horse owners in North Wales. Its success is evident through the testimonials of satisfied members who appreciate the organisation's efforts in preventing and reducing equine-related crimes.


North Wales Horsewatch have now developed The Rural Education Project which is dedicated to providing interactive educational workshops to rural communities throughout North Wales.