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“International Grand Prix dressage rider/trainer, After being under the Horse Watch umbrella for the past 5 years I must say it brings a great peace of mind knowing my horses and tack are secure and we have done everything possible to keep it safe in this day and age. A huge thank you to Helen Lacey for developing a great theft deterrent in Horse Watch”.

Justine Armitage


“I can’t thank you all enough as a team for all your hard work... within seconds of putting a post up on Facebook asking for admin to contact me, within seconds Linda and Helen contacted me with a plan already in place to move forward... bear in mind it was very late at night and by 8.30am the morning after I received a phone call from Ann making arrangements to go and see the horses... they have all explained everything in detail to us and kept us informed of everything in the meantime... you have all done an amazing job and I’m so grateful to all the hard work you have all done.. xx”



“I would just like to say that we are so lucky to have a proactive watch scheme in North Wales. My livery yard had a visit from a few of the team who security marked all our tack and equipment and advised us about yard security. I follow the group on Facebook and receive alerts about crimes etc. The success rate of finding the owners of loose horses is very high.

Thank you”

S Williams


“The horse watch coordinator has helped with advice and support with different issues over the years. Every time there is a flood warning horse watch contact me straight away so I can move the horses onto safer pasture. A good point of contact and always there to help when I need them.”



“I thought that I would take this opportunity to thank you in my capacity as a horse owner,  past Community Councillor and member (trustee) of Neighbourhood Watch and former police officer, for all your invaluable help with the local "horse fraternity".   Your work and involvement have been exceptional, knowing that if there was a problem (e.g. stray horses, missing tack etc. you were a good contact.  When, as a councillor, last year we had an unfortunate incident of a local horse being shot overnight your involvement and reassurance (and the Police) with the local horse-owning community was invaluable. To be quite honest, I (and many others) feel that your notifications on owl and Facebook are invaluable.

Thank you once again and keep up the good work.

Kind regards”

Fran. Jackson-Edwards


“North Wales Horse Watch are committed to preventing and reducing equine related crime in the region and work closely with charities such as ourselves which is a huge help in the collaborative approach amongst all the welfare organisations to improve the lives of equines in North Wales. Many of the initiatives set up by Horse Watch play a big part in helping reduce equine crime.”

World Horse Welfare


“Horse Watch have been outstanding and just knowing they are there to help us with advice and support has helped us greatly. I cannot thank them enough. I have increased my security and also had all my tack and equipment security marked. I would advise horse owners across North Wales to join the scheme and get their tack marked."

Angela D, Buckley


“The horse watch coordinator managed to trace my horses after the field gate was found wide open. She found them 5 miles away in a muck sweat I cannot thank her enough for her help. very calm and professional. I have bought a good lock and turned my gate hinges over.”



“Last Monday evening Uwchaled YFC had a very interesting evening and learnt a lot from Helen Lacey, Fiona and Linda. On the evening we had different talks about crime prevention, animal welfare, safety and legislations. 22 members attended and really enjoyed the evening. It had been laid out well in three different sections. The talk started explaining about their role and then went on to talk about Mr Chip and chipping animals. Legislations were explained and a horse passport was shown, this was interesting as most of the members had never seen a horse passport, it's a lot different compared to a sheep or cow passport. The eventing was very interesting and involved demonstrations and some practical including tack marking, the members enjoyed having a go. The third station different equipment and alarms which were interesting to see.

We had a great evening and I would like to thank Helen, Fiona and Linda very much.

Kind regards”

SK, Uwchaled Young Farmers Club


“North Wales horse watch are amazing they helped me and my sister when our horse was cunningly taken. They helped in all sorts of ways. If it wasn't for them I think I would have been in a very dark place. If loaning a horse always put an agreement in writing NWHW are totally amazing and awesome. They go above and beyond to help will be eternally grateful.”

Joyce Drinkwater

how it all started...


North Wales Horse watch was established in 2010 by co-founders Helen Lacey and PCSO Phil Jones. They both realised an equine watch scheme was much needed after Helen became a victim of rural crime, now supported by North Wales Police. Sadly, Phil has passed away, but Horse Watch keeps up the good work they both envisaged from the start.

The organisation is non-profit with a small team of volunteers giving their valuable time covering all the six counties of North Wales. 

Horse Watch assists organisations such as the RSPCA, World Horse Welfare, Police forces, and local authorities to tackle both welfare and crime, and is a member of the National Equine Welfare Council.

Tack and equipment security marking is offered at livery yards, clinics and equine and rural events to help protect members’ valuable equipment. 

We have a high rate of success, reuniting loose and missing horses with owners using social media and microchip scanners for identification.

We are always on hand to offer advice and support with issues regarding fly grazing, security, passports, missing horses on loan and security awareness.

We believe in educating the younger and wider community at Pony Club events, colleges, riding clubs, riding schools and shows to improve awareness with rural crime issues, legislation, welfare and safety. Our fun workshops have been a huge success enabling groups to use crime prevention equipment.

North Wales Horse Watch relies on donations and funding to help the organisation achieve its goals and continue to help the equine and rural community with crime and equine issues.

...and where we are now


North Wales Horse Watch was launched in 2010 by horse owner Helen Lacey after she became a victim of equine crime. The network was launched on social media and now has in excess of 5000 members.


Helen, who co-ordinates the network, is now assisted by a small team of volunteers and has the backing of North Wales Police.


The Horse Watch team visits equine establishments to security mark tack and equipment and to offer security advice and information.



Crime prevention visits.

Tack marking events.

Educational tutorials and workshops for groups, schools and colleges.

Assist Police and local authorities.

Retrieve loose and missing horses and reunite them with their owners.

Assist with fly grazing and abandonment issues.

Assist RSPCA and World Horse Welfare.

Manage a database and sending information to members.

Pony Club and young Farmers Club visits.

Offer advice and support.

Manage social media groups, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with up to date news.

Fundraising to keep the organisation moving forward.



Members of the equine and rural communities who have needed assistance with issues which have included:

  • Loose and missing horses
  • Public with Welfare concerns
  • Flood victims
  • Victims of crime
  • Equine and rural organisations 



Our aim is to target the younger communities with hands on educational visits teaching crime prevention, welfare and safety.

The horse watch community will be increased by networking.

The database will continue to develop further enabling us to reach out to more members.