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Due to members of the public feeding horses out on their daily walk many horses are suffering with colic and other gut related problems.

Sadly, due to this problem many horses have died.

Horse Watch have managed to have information signs printed as a warning to the public of the implications of feeding horses. These colourful signs have been hugely popular nationally and are available from our shop.

These signs are available in English and Welsh.


Database and alert system for horse watch members

Weekly bulletins and up to date alerts sent by e-mail with information about crime, news and security marking events.

information about your horses, tack and property can be stored on a database for reference.

for further information please contact us.


Covid-19 restrictions

Due to the current pandemic, we are unable to plan any local events or workshops.

If you would like us to visit when restrictions are lifted, please contact us now so that we may make arrangements.


Tutorials and workshops


Horse Watch has visited colleges, young farmers clubs, equestrian clinics, police cadets and pony clubs teaching the importance of crime prevention, safety, welfare, and legislation.

Many people have benefitted from our hands-on workshops using various tools and equipment. We have also assisted Pony clubs with security awareness badges. Certificates are awarded on completion of workshops.

Horse watch are available to attend clubs, colleges and universities. To find out more about tutorials and workshops that we offer please contact us.