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The covic pandemic has had a devasting impact on the rural community effecting equines, rural business,farm stock and wildlife. Littering, fly tipping, feeding livestock unsuitable food, gates being left open and dogs chasing livestock are just a few examples of problems that are faced daily.

The Rural Education Project

delivered by North Wales Horse Watch

The Charity North Wales Horse Watch aims use education to preserve the enviroment for future generations by delivering the countryside code into the school cirriculum. Our tailored educational workshops provide and engaging, ineractive learning experience to help raise educational standards and knowledge in areas including:


  • The countryside code
  • Animal welfare
  • Crime prevention
  • Health and Safety
  • Legislation

 1 or 2 hour sessions are available to a maximum of 15 participants in one session and offered to any educational establishment

  • Primary, secondary and special needs schools
  • Riding and Pony clubs
  • Colleges and universities
  • Community groups
  • Young farmers clubs
  • County and local shows and events
  • Police cadets

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