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Cable lock alarm
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An innovative, portable device suitable for securing any items from theft. The Minder Cable Lock Alarm is a locking device with an ear-piercing siren that will scare away potential thieves.

When an attempt is made to cut through the cable or attack the main lock unit the alarm starts screaming.

Compact and simple to use, the Cable Lock Alarm can provide 24-hour protection for valuables left unattended outside or stored in a shed, garage or outbuilding.

It is also ideal for when you are on the move for securing equipment whilst in transit in vehicles, in the back of trucks or on trailers.

Key features:

- Flashing LED deterrent

- 1 metre long steel cable

- 4 Digit combination lock

- Cable retracts into main unit and pulls out easily

- 120 Decibel Siren

- 3 x AAA batteries included

- Dimensions: 140mm x 80mm x 20mm

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